PCMA’s EduCon 2021 event showed planners what a hybrid event could look like. Then,  nearly 20 event consultants told them how to do it.

 “The best events serve as platforms to further the mission of the organization and accelerate the industry they serve,” said conference speaker Beth Surmont, CAE, CMP Vice President of Event Business Strategy & Design at 360 Live Media. 

New message, new skills. The forms that events are taking are changing rapidly but not the function. 


"What is the motivation of what somebody wants the event to do for them?" asked speaker Beth Surmont, CAE, CMP Vice President of Event Business Strategy & Design 360 Live Media.


All events have data, in person, hybrid and now especially digital, but it is the why that will determine the tribe. "If you can't find them, you may have to shift your purpose," said Nicole Moreo Senior Vice President, Analytics Ketchum.


Live and digital:
"Digital does a very different job for the audience," said Beth Surmont. Nicole Moreo said even the attributes that might motivate your audience to travel to a destination are changing.


Content is still king, and the data generated from online conferences is a gold mine in ascertaining what's really working. The industry's definition of what a hybrid event is exactly is still being worked out.


365 days is ideal to keep the audience in the eco-system, said Will Curran Chief Event Einstein Endless Events.

At least a 14 day period before and after will allow online lead generation for exhibitor programs to work said Bob Chain, Strategic Account Manager at Swapcard.


We're taking on the role of TV producers with qualities of live television shows, said Jared Young, Founder & President, Go Team Events. "Partnership in execution is vital."

Full-Service Event Planner? Because They Are Living And Breathing The Changes...

“If you bring the vision (or even a kernel of a vision), we can guide you through the process of bringing that vision to life…

“We are also seeing our clients adopt covid-19 safety practices for their events, which includes many not hosting very large ones. So while there is definitely the desire to come together, it’s still being done very carefully and intentionally. “