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Safe Shows Are Ready, But Gov-Guidance Is Needed Now

As public health officials continue to distribute COVID-19 vaccines, the meetings and events industry is seeking help from state and local health departments in publishing the path for the safe reopening of in-person business events in their locations. Failure to provide guidance has led to frustrations in many parts of the country, especially California, where initially the state said it would allow indoor concerts and theater to resume April 15, 2021, but not conventions. Fortunately, that was later changed to include conventions and large meetings as of June 15th, 2021 as long as “common sense” measures are in place. Meetings are typically planned months, if not years, in advance. Any delay in the release of guidelines will hold cities back.

What's At Stake:
Economic Contribution of The Exhibition And Conference Industry To Major Cities
(2019 - in billions)...

A new Advocacy group - Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA) - has partnered with Epistemix, A pittsburgh based PROVIDER OF ANALYTICAL TOOLS.


When Is It Safe To Hold My Conference Or Tradeshow? Epistemix will input data for events – where they are held -who is coming from where – levels of vaccination – mitigation processes already in place – contact rate at events – to determine the answers:

What Dates Work? How Many Exhibitors? How Many Attendees?

If somebody wants to use Epistemix to model the Risk Of Reopening their event, location, school, office, Etc., Then Here's What They can Expect


"digital twin"

Epistemix’s software simulates the public-health impacts of high-stakes decisions by incorporating a "digital twin" of every person in a population, and matching the age, gender, race, and other demographic information of each individual in a specific geography.


Custom Inputs By City

The beauty with this model is it provides the most flexibility and number of variables right down to the building where a meeting will take place.


Experience And Motivated Team

“Our team has spent decades building epidemiological models to combat smallpox, measles, HIV, SARS, MERS, the opioid crisis, and other epidemics,” said Dr. Don Burke, President of Epistemix.

It matters because These Are Real Jobs.

“Small and mid-size businesses rely on trade shows to drive their business by launching new products, generating leads, and entering new geographies.That makes the exhibitions industry such a foundational element of how business gets done.

Hervé Sedky, CEO of EmeraldX and Chair of the Board of the newly formed advocacy group Exhibitions and Conferences Alliance (ECA) Tweet

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Help With Hybrid Meetings

What To Look For In Seeking Help With Hybrid Meetings “Every market is different based on whether they are remaining 100% virtual or moving to

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