Sometimes attendees want to be tourists first. However, because of the time crunch conference attendees face, they are different than the typical tourists. For this reason, you may want to consider a destination with at least one singular and proven, hallmark tourist attraction.

A signature attraction can also be tied to your event. For example, Disney World has easy-to-use Meeting & Convention Tickets. Their options include discounted tickets, complimentary additional experiences, and partial-day tickets which are prefect for exploring the parks after the conference concludes (after 2pm and after 5pm are the choices I’ve run across).

Pro Tip:

“Nashville…It’s really well known for its music, art and great food…The abundance of attractions and activities makes it an ideal choice for groups of various sizes and demographics. People want to go there because it’s fun!”

Gabrielle Spanton, Executive VP of Business Development, Global Alliance
Hosts Global


Another advantage is that there is little worry that these major attractions will be unable to service a large group. Mega-attractions bring in at least a million visitors a year even if it is to a small part of the city.

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