What To Look For In Seeking Help With Hybrid Meetings

In the spring of 2020, when events that were in-person with some video recording tacked on needed to suddenly become fully virtual, planners had to scramble to reserve virtual event platforms. Fortunately, that hysteria has died down and virtual event platforms have become ubiquitous and stable.  Now, hybrid event sourcing – professional staging, video production and the best digital platforms – appears to be the next step for most to produce professional and engaging events.

While it’s true that those who work for sourcing companies like HelmsBriscoe, Maritz Global Events, HPN Global, ConferenceDirect and other volume buyers such as American Express GBT or CWT Global Events may have a leg up on room block negotiation or securing physical meeting space, what’s most important today is asking whether your meeting pro has acquired the skills necessary to support hybrid meetings.

This includes evaluation of the processes that will insure a safe meeting. To their credit, most hotel chains and convention centers have greatly improved their health and safety processes and protocols, steps that would take other locations years to develop,

To help with the delivery of content, some venues have added staging to professional video services and standardized their offerings and include a virtual event platform to boot. See Hilton EventReady Hybrid Solutions as an example of a versatile hybrid event set-up created with its partner Encore.

Local knowledge is a big plus.

Since one goal of hybrid meetings is to replace less than professional video recordings done from home with more “Hollywood” type sessions, securing premium production support in the city(ies) where the recordings will take place is a top priority. Also, working with the hotels for necessary housing of staff, speakers and attendees and VIPs, and doing so safely requires someone who knows the local market. Sometimes selecting the right hotels within cities, within blocks even – can make the difference between positive and negative attendee feedback. If a hotel has a great staging, wifi and plenty of a/v support, but there are restrictions due to union’s safety concerns around Covid-19 – you should be the first one to know. 


Expect them to go the extra mile. A meeting sourcing pro who has safety top of mind will offer creative solutions for in-person attendees. For example, one crew attending a hybrid meeting did much of the filming and in-person meetings live and together with protocols in place. When it came time to share the typical banquet dinner, however, they instead returned to their hotel rooms, each with room service, and got together on Zoom.

With so many moving parts going into planning a meeting or convention, especially hybrid when it’s both in person and virtual, it is impossible to foresee everything that can happen. A good sourcing professional seeks to fill in those blanks with transparency and honesty and some personal experience in vetting the site, production staff and how it interacts with the virtual platform (which could be a “digital twin” in some cases).