When selecting a new tennis racket, golf clubs or even ice skates, it's often useful to ask a simple question: “What do the pros use?”

The same holds true for finding the best hotel for a conference.

Someone who has sourced hundreds, perhaps over a thousand meetings, is going to know more than someone who hasn't. And while a pro's service may be priceless, it’s 100% free for meeting planners.

Discover for yourself why it's smart to ask a meeting sourcing pro!

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What it's about

    • Meeting Sourcing Pros offer proprietary technology and unbiased personal advice on the best hotels and meeting facilities for your group
    • They have negotiating chops that help you get the best deal
    • With at least 5 years of procurement experience and relationships, they will keep you ahead every step of the way

Best of all, the service is Free (but priceless) for meeting and convention planners.

Meeting sourcing specialists earn an industry-wide placement fee that’s absorbed by suppliers, not conference planners.