1. You’ll save time.

They’re experts at picking the best conference hotels, so you won’t have to scour the internet for hours looking, purchase expensive software or wait around for meeting sites to get back to you.

2. A local meeting sourcing pro has established relationships.

In the meetings industry, relationships still count for something. So besides technology, local sourcing pros have the real relationships that enable them to consistently deliver money and time saving results to thousands of organizations and companies like yours.

3. They can save you from making a mistake.

Unless you’ve sourced hundreds of meetings, there’s always a benefit from having a professional’s opinion to rely on. In the high-stakes business of meeting planning, a mistake could high both impact and high exposure and could be easily avoided with a pro’s help.

4. It’s free for meeting planners!

Meeting sourcing specialists earn an industry-standard placement fee that’s paid by suppliers, not conference planners.