If booking the best hotel for your meeting is one of your most important tasks, here’s a way to save time, budget and get better results:

Simply let us introduce you to a top-performing meeting sourcing pro!

They’ll have special technology and first-hand knowledge of the meetings market(s) you’re interested in – and a host of other benefits (see list below). Plus, it takes only a minute to send us your request!

It’s a priceless service that’s free for meeting planners.*


  • Service: Meeting Sourcing Pros offer proprietary technology, historic rate information and unbiased personal advice and experience to help you select the best hotels for your group
  • Proven expertise: They listen to find out what you need and then use their negotiating chops to help you get the best deal – MeetingSource sifts through thousands of pros out there and will select one with 5 or more years of proven local experience and networks
  • Integrity: With at least 5 years of procurement experience and relationships in the market you’re interested in, count on your pro to be reputable and professional

The service is Free (and priceless) for meeting and convention planners. 

* Meeting sourcing specialists earn an industry-wide placement fee that’s absorbed by hotels, not conference planners.