We ranked 163 convention cities across the United States by a sum of factors for Affordability of Hotel Rooms, Ease of Access, Safety, WalkabilityPromotional Appeal and Weather.

Las Vegas easily claimed the top spot for the second year in a row, as weather was a new measured destination attribute for 2018, and the City of Lights boasts plenty of natural sunshine. Other sunny destinations on the list this year for larger conventions include Denver, Orlando and Dallas.

ChattanoogaRaleighEl Paso and tiny Tempe AZ joined Tacoma and Portland ME as top cities for smaller conventions for the same reason. Sunshine too helped Charlotte and Austin rise further up in our rankings to become the number one and two second-tier convention cities, respectively, pushing down one of our site selection favorites for mid-sized conventions last year, Cincinnati.

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    Summary of results by size:

    Best Large Convention Cities in the USA for 2018:
    Las Vegas, Miami, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver, New York City, San Antonio, Orlando, Dallas and Boston

    Medium-size: Charlotte, Austin, Providence, Norfolk, Cincinnati, St. Paul and Salt Lake City
    Smaller: Tacoma, Silicon Valley, Chattanooga, El Paso, Madison, Tempe, Portland Maine and Raleigh

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