3rd Annual Report

Welcome Honolulu, Portland (Oregon) and New Orleans and other leaders in sustainability like Minneapolis and Rochester in Minnesota and San Diego and San Jose in California to our top convention city list. For 2019, we’ve added Air Quality as a seventh ranking factor to Ease of Access, Affordability of Hotel RoomsSafety, WalkabilityPromotional Appeal and Weather. That one change really affected our standings. More than half on this year’s list are here for the first time.

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    Note: Only cities with convention centers are eligible for the top 25 list.

    Ranking Factors: 

    >Criteria used for the ranking of the best convention cities in 2019

    >Ranking of all 167 USA convention cities used in the report.

    The top large meeting cities for 2019 are:
    New Orleans, Honolulu, Seattle, Orlando, NYC, San Francisco, San Diego, Denver, Las Vegas, Philadelphia



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